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Rotating Services, LLC has built its business reputation by providing quality products and services that give our customers the best performance possible, by reducing price through efficiency and quality. High quality materials and dependable parts combined with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals give our company the edge to produce very reliable products where others fail. We have established rigid inspection criteria that complements our standard operating procedures and ensures customer satisfaction with safety and quality at the forefront of our daily focus.

Rotating Services provides field maintenance, overhaul and refurbishment services and sales on industrial equipment and parts, including turbine power plants, pumps, generators, compressors, and flare systems. Rotating Services has a depth of knowledge that allows for customer needs to be addressed during the planning and design phase through installation and commissioning of the equipment. Engineering staff is available to design new, and update existing control systems. Rotating Services provides preventative, scheduled and emergency maintenance to ensure that our customer's equipment runs reliably at peak performance. Field services such as borescope inspections, vibration monitoring and equipment that is properly aligned and balanced predict and prevent costly down time. Oil flushing and overhaul services as well as turbine blade coating are also available, providing customers with extended life and performance on their equipment.